I'm Over It.

Holly Smith Photography from Gather.ly feature

'Im Over It' vest- Good Girl Tees
Nokia Skirt - O-Mighty
Buffalo Boots

So I think this may be my fave outfit of the summer season that i shot with Holly for Gather.ly a few weeks back. It features two things that have been on my wish list forever, which is something from O-Mighty *check* and Buffalo Boots *check, check*. I also love the cheeky 'I'm Over It' vest from Good Girl Tee's which i have been living in. I also like the creative aspect that this outfit looks like someone has text 'I'm Over It' on their Nokia 3210 haha - girl power!

I received a very surprising email yesterday, i have managed to get through to the 8 shortlist fashion bloggers to be a 'girl on the ground' at LFW in September with Yahoo Lifestyle and Motel Rocks! *quite scream*. Basically its a absolute dream of a opportunity where i would get to bring you all the LFW style reports and updates in my usual sassy sabby style so if you could please give me a cheeky vote here i would be very greatful and spread the word!

Lots of love


I really doughnut care.

Mermaid PVC two set - The Creeps Store 
Planet Choker - The Creeps Store
Donut swimsuit - Forever 21
Buffalo Boots

Hey guys,

So i'm never entirely sure how to describe my style but if The Creep Store is a option i want to be a creep! Lets just be freaks together! Super cool freaks in this PVC confetti filled twin set. My sis got me this awesome doughnut swimsuit as a grad present as we all know how much i love doughnuts and i thought it would make a yummy under layer to the awesome PVC wrapper. Obvs these buffalo boots are not coming off my feet anytime soon either.


just watch my wildest dreams come true, not one of the involving you.

Tish Jarrett Photography
Random Cartoon Dress - I got it from a random shop in York
Shoes: Ikrush.com

Here's a bit of a throwback post to the last look I shot with my mate and photographer babe Tish. Its a little weird thinking back to this time when i was trying frantically to get together my dissertation and finish my degree as well as plan my life for after uni. My life feels slightly more on track after graduating and finishing that part of my life and I am now so looking forward to September and starting to experience and work on new things.

Also fun fact you know those bracelet things that are the new craze, Loom Bands? Well, i bought a couple of packs back when i shot this in April but only because i thought they made awesome hair bands (i have glittery ones and neon ones) so yeah i have loom bands in my hair here haha. 


The Young Eccentric |Gather.ly

So last week I did a feature shoot and interview with my fave peeps from the amazing site Gather.ly. I have been a little slow at sharing this because its taken me a bit of time for the very flattering feature to sink in.

I first met the Gather.ly lot back in March as i was very intrigued by their promise of gathering together unique people and extraordinary opportunities. They're a network with a twist, joining the most inspiring and talented people who have joint passions. Offering them the opportunity to collaborate and create alongside each other, all the while documenting the outcome to inspire others.

After leaving uni and feeling kinda at a crossroads Gather.ly and the amazing people behind the site have given me so much confidence and reassurance not in just what i do, but in myself. I can put my hand on my heart and say its not only the incredible network and experiences i have been lucky enough to have had whilst working with them, such as going to Wireless with Debenhams and Henry Holland. It is the unique and extraordinary people who run gather.ly that are the most inspiring, fun loving and wonderful people who make every meeting and experience even better!   

Holly Smith photography
 A special thank you to the super cool chick Holly for running around Brick Lane with me to do this shoot, which was more like catching some rays and having a catch up (albeit with from disruptions from men shouting out of their cars at us). Also to the uber babe (and i don't use this word lightly or often) but in this case Tash is a complete babe and I love her Aussie arse. You both are probably two of the coolest people i know and your kind words in the feature nearly brought me to overwhelmed tears.


hold my hand in error

 Leggings: H&M
Dr Martens
Chain: H&M

I got these leggings years ago and was once left at the entrance of a Tesco's whilst wearing them with my white creepers as my mum and sister had decided they couldn't be seen walking around the shop with me wearing them haha! I think this was around 2010 when i was going through my Paramore phase and dying my hair every colour of the rainbow •or trying too. I still love to whack them out every now and then - living on the wild side.


Style Diary| Sabrina Carder| Patent Magazine

 Dress: Topshop
Fedora: Warehouse
Cutout boots: Missguided
Phone Case: Jeremy Scott x Moschino

Kimono: Vintage
Crop Top: Ark Clothing
Shorts: Ark Clothing
Sandals: Missguided

Crop top: Nicole x Missguided
Shorts: Front Row Shop
Bumbag: Vintage
Buffalo Boots

Co-Ord: Motel Rocks
Buffalo Boots

Tee: Front Row Shop
Skirt: Front Row Shop
Sandals: Missguided

Photographer: JC Candanedo
Hair and Make-Up Artist: Christiana Amankrah 
Hey guys,
 I recently did a style diary with Patent Magazine, I had a fab shoot with the wonderful Christina and JC, you can take a look at the style diary over on Patent Magazine! Thanks Porscha for choosing me for the feature!


Unrequited Love

Maxi Dress: This Is AKA
Heels: New Look

Oh My Goth isn't this just amazing!? My love of black sheer material and mesh has been greatly fulfilled due to AKA! The luxury streetwear brand from Manchester has a simply stunning selection of monochrome, minimalistic styles using some of my fave fabrics and silhouettes. I have been wearing this dress with my Dr Martens quite a bit having to try very hard not to do full on black eyeshadow and add a stud belt (you can take the goth out the girl....). I thought I would dress it up for a change so added some simple stilettos.

 I shot this the other night after shooting a exciting feature which you will hear more about soon with the amazing photographer Grey Pistachio and MUA Christiana *hey guys!* who worked wonders on my face (hence why I look more striking than usual).